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Tadofa Candids....Friends and Fun!

At Tadofa, our kids are treated like royalty, and don't they know it!  

Above are Symbari Phantom's Christine, GRC,NW Candirand She's Mak-N Me Dizzy (Queen of All and owned by our good friends Tonya Heinzen and Steve Gardea), and Tadofa Red Hot Racy Rumors


Fun at the 2004 Annual - Tonya and Bethany celebrating the end of another successful season



What we go through for beauty!  Lets Play Jacks with her nighties on
Like Father........


Like Daughter

Zookpr (left) at about 6 months and his daughter Cutter (about 4 months here) have an affinity for "helping" with the paperwork!

Believe it or not, she put herself in this position! MizMagoo is sleeping with her eyes open, content as can be.  Sheesh, Maine Coons!  J How on earth can she be comfortable?

Is it something in the water, or do they teach each other to sleep this way?  At least Jake has his eyes closed!


Renee Thompson enjoying a day of riding on Shiloh









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