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Symbari Somalis - Take a walk on the wild side with Tim and Renee Thompson

Imzadi Cattery - Somali and Abyssinian Cats from good friend Dr. Monique Belton

Abywise Cattery - Abyssinians, Ocicats, and Persians from our good friends Steve Gardea and Tonya Heinzen

Purrkins Somalis - A German Somali cattery owned by our good friend Birgit Linke 

Tilsim Dan Somalis - A German Somali cattery owned by our friend Elke Muecher

Brunrouge Somalis - A Japanese Somali cattery owned by our good friend Kazuko Kurokawa - home of the only dilute Grand Somalis in Japan and Japan's first dilute Regional Winner

Cylin Tonkinese - Tonkinese bred by friend Cynthia Linner

Eclairdor Cattery - See Somalis and learn about the IRC

The Mighty Chewbacca - The homepage for GRC, RW Tadofa Rebel's Alliance of Kashyyk

Tracey Shivak-Anderson Studio - Without question, one of the best animal artists ever

Tod Children's Hospital





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