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No, these cats do not live with us, but they are still quite important and very special to us and their owners!





Grand Premier, Regional Winner Tadofa Tales of the Deputy

Ruddy Neuter

"Copper" (or "Cooper" as co-owner Renee Thompson has a habit of accidentally typing when her fingers get flying too quickly over the keyboard) loves to show as much as dad Tuvok does.  He doesn't quite have Tuvok's regal "look and admire me" air, preferring instead to charm the judges by giving head bumps and loves in the show rings.





Grand Champion Tadofa Arctic Wolf of Brunrouge

Blue Male

CFA's National Second Best Blue Somali 1994 - 1995

Somali Cat Club of America's Kitten of the Year 1994 - 1995

"Moose" is another of the Tadofa boys, charming and delighting everyone with his antics. He thinks the show ring was made just for him! Moose has sired several kittens, all of whom are doing fantastic in the show rings.... Visit Symbari Somalis to see GRC Tadofa Winter's Fury of Symbari, a Moose son who is following in Dad's footsteps. Special thanks also go to our very good friends, Kazuko Kurokawa (Brunrouge Cattery) and Yuko Fusayasu (Palland Cattery) for showing other Moose offspring so well! Moose lives in Japan with Kazuko and is the only dilute Somali in Japan to hold the title of Grand Champion.  One of his daughters, Brunrouge Marimo is a beautiful fawn girl and has become the first dilute in Japan to earn the title of Grand Premier.  Congratulations Kazuko!!.



Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner Tadofa Kalahari

Ruddy Male

CFA's National Best Somali 1994 - 1995

Somali Cat Club of America's Cat of the Year 1994 - 1995

CFA Southern Region's Best Somali 1993 - 1994

"Tad" is another one of those Tadofa cats who loves to snuggle. He is a very moderate boy who just loved the show ring. He is now living in a pet home.








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