The Cats of Tadofa Somalis

A Little Bit of Mischief....Lots of Love



We only have three permanent residents here at Tadofa, but all of our cats and "grandkids" are very important and special to us and their owners!




Grand Champion, Regional Winner Imzadi's Tuvok of Tadofa

CFA International Show Best Somali 1998

Somali Cat Club of America's Cat and Kitten of the Year 1998 - 1999

CFA National Second Best Somali 1998 - 1999

MidAtlantic Region 17th Best Kitten

Great Lakes Region 13th Best Cat, Best Somali

Tuvok is an absolute love. He truly enjoys showing, and earned the nickname "Mister" after he began putting on regal airs on the judging table. He is a double Regional Winner, earning wins in both Kitten and Adult competition. 








Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner Tadofa Mogadishu

Ruddy Male

CFA's National Best Somali 1993 - 1994

Somali Cat Club of America's Cat of the Year 1993 - 1994


"Mogi" has always been known as a real suck-up and ham. Anytime a visitor to the cat shows remarked on how handsome he was, he'd stand up, give them a head bump, and charm their socks off. He exudes an attitude of arrogance, and always had a regal pose for the judges. He loves to give head bumps and snuggle with his paws around his people's necks, purring and doing happy feet.

Mogi has sired several kittens and has made significant contributions to the Tadofa lines.  His deep rich color, wonderful head, and fantastic personality have been passed on to his kittens who are carrying on in his footsteps.




Grand Premier, Regional Winner Tadofa Mischief Maker

Ruddy Neuter

CFA Midwest Region's Seventh Best Alter 1996 - 1997

Somali Cat Club of America and International Somali Cat Club Alter of the Year 1995 - 1996 and 1996 - 1997

Mischief is a mamma's boy, but will love anyone with a laser mouse in hand! He often demonstrated the product for Karraway Toys while he was showing.  Not even in full coat while he was being shown, it would take 3 hours from start to finish to bathe and blow him dry in preparation for the show.  With even more coat now than he had then, giving him a show bath now is an extremely long process.






And then there is Jake.... Jake is a brown classic tabby domestic longhair who was turned into the AJ Phoenix Veterinary Clinic. The girls who brought him in were concerned because he didn't play, didn't act happy, and seemed depressed. No sooner did they say that, than he walked across the counter and plopped himself in Bethany's lap, purring so loudly you could hear him across the clinic and doing "happy feet" to beat the bandwagon! Needless to say, once he was vet checked and pronounced healthy, he came home to live with us. Jake gets very concerned whenever Bethany is gone on business or at a show and won't leave her side when she returns. Once he was old enough, Jake was entered in a show so he could see where his mom goes when she is gone on the weekends. What a surprise when he came home not only as the highest scoring household pet in show, but the winner of the Friskies "Friskiest Household Pet" Award!! Jake has been the highest scoring household pet in every show he has competed in, and has won the Friskies "Friskiest Household Pet" award several times now. He is accumulating quite a fan club and trophy collection!







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